Crowan uses the National Curriculum as the basis of our whole school curriculum which consists of a series of projects. The geography projects are well sequenced to provide a coherent subject scheme that develops children’s geographical knowledge, skills and subject disciplines. Geographical locations are not specified in the national curriculum, so they have been chosen to provide a broad and diverse understanding of the world.

Due to the relatively remote location of our school (in a UK context) our geography curriculum seeks to place our children’s lives into an increasingly large picture that will ensure they have a solid appreciation and understanding of our world in its vast variety of geographical contexts. We want our children to be secure in their geographical knowledge of the local area and in a global context and to show that they are able to think geographically by displaying the skills needed to understand this subject.

Where there are opportunities for making meaningful connections with other projects, geography projects are sequenced accordingly.  

We aim to foster a sense of fascination and wonder at the world around our children and equip them with the knowledge of the hugely diverse range of people, places and environments so that they can go on to explore their role in the world as they encounter further geographical study.

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