The National Curriculum says that the computing education of children should “equip pupils to use computational thinking creativity to understand and change the world” and the aspirations of our curriculum at Crowan are no less ambitious.
We use iLearn2 as the scheme of work for computing to help pupils become independent, creative, safe, respectful and problem-solving digital citizens with a broad and transferrable skillset. It has been designed to make sure pupils learn computing skills from the three recognised aspects of computing (below) within each year of their primary education.
With our mixed age classes and 2 year rolling plan, this means that pupils will build upon skills and concepts they established from the previous phase and develop them further in the current and subsequent year and phase.
The three aspects of computing are:
  • Computer Science – this covers programming (both block-based and text-based), including computational thinking using web-based software such as Scratch. Pupils across Key Stage 1 and 2 will write code to program physical and on-screen objects, interactive games and use text-based language.
  • Information Technology – this covers the use of applications to create digital content, including document creation and editing, video making, digital art, graphic design, animation, 3D modelling and website building.
  • Digital Literacy – covers skills to find, evaluate, utilise and share using technologies and the Internet. This includes important e-safety and internet research skills, as well as an understanding of computer networks in Key Stage 2.
The computing curriculum is delivered in discrete computing lessons although many skills learned in these lessons are transferred to cross-curricular computing. Technology is used to support and enhance many other areas of the curriculum: children in KS2 routinely use chromebooks for research for writing tasks or to access e-books for guided reading lessons; data-loggers may be used in science lessons; digital cameras or ipads are used to record performances in PE or finished pieces in Art and DT.
We use a range of IT equipment including Chromebooks, laptop computers, i–Pads and digital cameras at the school to help deliver our computing curriculum. The iLearn2 scheme of work is easy to use on chromebooks which make up the majority of our hardware. The scheme is structured so that each unit contains step-by-step guides for pupils to follow independently or as a class group, depending on the decisions of the teacher. Tutorials and videos are used to show the important techniques and skills which the children then practice as they work on their own projects.

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